brandingYour brand is a unique identity that your company creates in order to represent it. Brand identity plays a vital role in getting clients to trust your company and purchase the services or products that it provides. Branding is an easy and efficient way to approach clients in the market. It helps you connect to your audience and strenghten customer loyalty.

Building a solid brand identity isn’t too easy of a task. It takes years of consistency, maintaining customer credibility and using similar marketing strategies. You form the foundation layer of your brand when your customers benefit from your innovative services or products and engaging content. You’ll create your unique business model and deliver a high quality service.

What defines a brand is their name design, color combination, symbolism, slogans and other important combinations. A company with a corporate brend will focus on developing brand features which integrate to enhance contact with the public. Corporate branding includes features like brochure, logo, flier, business card, colour palette, tagline and bletterhead.

Check out these simle ways you can go about branding a business.

A Remarkable Logo:

Your company’s logo is a visual symbol which should create a lasting imrpession on the memory of your clients. You should aim to design a unique logo which shows you’re an established enterprise, maintaining a positive image for your company and attracting new clients. A remarkable logo is going to strike the memory of your customers whenever they think of your brand or its services and products – which makes it easier for you to be on their minds all the time.

A Nicely-Designed Brochure:

Great brochure design is a very important step for setting up a really effective business strategy. A brochure will help give clients a complete description on your company’s service or products. Its design and quality will act as a promotional tool which will attract your target audience. It is a very portable, efficient too for marketing, which will help you outsmart the cut-throat competition in your field.

Single Page Ad-Flyers:

A flyer is an efficient and cheap promotional tool. Many branding companies opt for them as a marketing tool due to the fact it’s very inexpensive and easy to make. The flyer will embrace attractive offers that your company provides, hooking customers to purchase their service or products. A few special festival offer flyers can result in a noticeable rise in product sales.

Professional Business Card:

If you’re looking for a job, are an enterpreneur or or represent an organization, it’s very important that you have a business card – it’ll make you professional among your competitors. A business card helps portray yourself, leaving an impression on clients which will reflect the motive of your business. There are many branding companies that can give you the perfect business card – one which will both look and feel great.

Stylish Letterhead:

Using a professional letter-head style will set you apart from your competitors. It will prepresent the corporate image of your company among potential customers. Extraordinary lettering will help make sure people are going to consider your product a quality one. A branding company can do a great job of improving your corporate image among clients using one.

Informative Catalog

A catalog is utilized by many industries due to the large advantage it provides companies with. An informative catalog benefits customers with a detailed product description, including product and service details and price, allowing them to effectively learn more about your business. Potential customers will elave your catalog safe if it’s informative and of high quality. It is an effective and simple tool for marketing.

Closing Thoughts:

Brands interact with customers in a variety of ways – whether a logo or brochure, it will deliver your business’ motive. People get attracted by such images and messages, emotionally getting in touch with a service or product. A company’s image will be highlighted by its designs, including  brochure, logo, letterhead, business card etc., creating a space for the company and helping identify your efforts in creating quality products. The corporate identity will help you create a revolution in your business, increasing your sales.

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Wordpress SEOMost internet marketers know that blogs have an excellent potential to obtain good rankings in Google, provided they are properly optimized. If you learn and implement the tips and tricks that allow you to have an optimized blog, you can see results much faster than in case of optimizing regular websites.

WordPress is the best blogging platform from many points of view. It is free, easy to use and customize and Google seems to love it. Here are a few tips for optimizing a WordPress blog for Google:

1. Do Your Keyword Research Properly

If you imagine you can write about everything that comes to mind and score great traffic volumes, you are wrong. In order to benefit from Google and the organic traffic it can send you, you have to discover and optimize your blog for keywords with high search volumes and relatively low competition. The Google Keyword Research tool can help you discover such gems. It is free and it can help you put together a good list of keywords to use.

When doing keyword research, you want to see the number of monthly searches and the number of sites that are optimized for these keywords.

You should aim for keywords with a decent level of traffic and with low competition. You can set your limits to 500-1000 searches per month, with less than 20,000 optimized web pages. The number of optimized pages can be determined by performing a Google search for the keyword between quotes, also known as an exact search.

2. Customize Your Blog For Google SEO

The first thing you have to customize is the permalink structure. You need to go to Settings -> Permalinks and choose /%postname%/. You are going to see that dynamic URLs are going to be replaced with static ones, containing the words in the post title. This is good for SEO, as it is a signal your page is relevant for the words included in this string.

The easiest method for making sure all your posts are optimized for search engines is to install and use the All in One SEO Pack or another similar WordPress plugin. Such plugins allow you to customize post titles and descriptions, so you can use them to save some time.

Next, you have to update your ping list with all services you want to notify automatically each time you publish a new post.

3. Publish High Quality Content Regularly

Freshly published content is appreciated by Google. This is why you have to add new content to your blog at least a couple of times per week. In addition, remember to use your main keyword in the post title and in the body copy, so that Google can understand what your page is about.

Do all these and you’ll see your organic traffic multiplying as your rankings improve.